Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It's been a while, since I saw you. I often wonder what became of you. The one special moment that I still feel is the love I felt for you. That will never go away and I'm o.k. with that. Now, a complete mystery. How did it get this way? I often wondered but always came up with the same answer. It wasn't me, it was both our fault. But, why go and take that get-away. That's all I think of our long loved. Mine was real and I'm sure yours was at well. Were you scared for what you felt but did not see to complete. Were you scared of the man or the boy he was. I understand the place of where I'm at now. Through her eyes, she could only see the wrong, not seeing it as a whole was her drawback. Misjudged, is what I am to her now. I became the man she wanted all along. Seeing one's mistake is hard but a love gone for ever is worst.

Monday, February 28, 2011


You asked to be my friend. Has the years passed that now you want to reach out. Or could it be that something still ponders in one's mind. Yea, you got my attention but in what way. Do I choose to understand the request or just simply shrug it off as nothing. The one of many nothings through out my life. I have noticed of what you have become. Shame, it turned out that way. For that split moment in time, I would come to suffer, the consequences of that second that forever changed one's view. The girl that grew up to be her. We both knew she was wrong but only I admitted to the reality. Could one not see it? Lost in one's sheltered world, that's what I could come up with. I could understand but not respect that. The one, I did not want but got. Came to forever be known as the one that got away, maybe it was just better that way. Almighty and wholesome. I knew you then and now. This time I know how you turned out...

"A place I could find my self in"

I could see her from a distance, she had no idea I could do that. I could watched and not be seen. Invisible and without you. It's been a while since we were face to face. I say that with pain in my heart and my head held low. How did the road split for us? I can still recall your beautiful face, that lit up my heart with joy. I known you for a while now. The tears are as fresh as ever. Were we drifting in different currents? I did not know the answer. I was just trying to stay afloat with you. Let us not forget the pleasure of holding each other's hands. Eyes locked and the security of our arms covered our existence. My heartbeat, your heartbeat. That is what I heard. Now, just a single heartbeat. I stand alone and broken. The life we had, all but seemed like a distant path I once walked. Now, the grass has covered the path and only have the memories to guide me through. I, at one end, you at the other end. Is where I find myself. I could reach, but could not grabbed. To know but one can not keep. It was a crazy storm that brought us together. Fought to stay afloat and sailed through the rough seas. We took damages we could not overcome. In the end, I leave you with this....I fought well, and forever their is a place in my heart for you.

Monday, January 10, 2011

I never left

Hello world.

It has been quit a while since I wrote. I could tell you some bs reason as to why but I won't. for some reason I have not had the desire to write. I think it's because I have not been in school for the last two semesters. While in school it gives me the time to write and it motivates me. So, here I am in the computer lab writing as we speak. Damn, I'm glad I'm in school again.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Still here"

When it comes to my writing I'm very selective on the location of where I'm at. It's because I dive in to my writing and forget that there is still a world around me. All responsabilities gone, time is forgotten, just my thoughts to write. I need to be in a world that will not interfier with the flow of my writing. So there for, I mute the world around me by listening to my own kind of music. Right set of mind and I'm off to explore the thoughts in my head. That's how I write. Another excuse of not posting alot of writing. All I ask is to stay with me and enjoy my writing.

Monday, April 5, 2010

"A fable"

I'm at ease when I'm with you. No need to hide the love I have, it would only hurt me in the end.
The world seems to have vanished from our thoughts every time our heart's hear one another . The only real thing are the eyes I see staring right back; I know, she knows. The simple fact of life in just viewing your eyes, warms my heart deep inside me. It found a place I did not know of. Our lips are touching and my sight is locked onto your eyes. Too late to back out. I will go forward, the animal in me is in charge now. Your heart beat makes the passion flow threw out my body and soul.

Now, let me talk about that face -a feature only God could create. A one and only sculpture for me to see and cherish. Not only do your eyes capture me, they allow me see that face of yours every day, with eyes open or closed. Either way it is a joy to be alive around you. My finger tips let me know the smooth silky skin of yours. The simple joys of getting to know you is what I capture in my mind. No more, no less, just you and me. A fable that will never come to life.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The V.A. still clogging my lifeline. The "benefits" I earned are still a good month to two behind.
This is angering me, why should I fight for my rights, I had enough fights to fill a lifetime. Are we not on the same team? Don't treat me like a number. I gave you my life, at least give me the respect I earned. The G.I. bill, a new pain in the ass for me on a life full of asses.

Why would the "govt" treat me like this now.